About JF Winstead

About JF Winstead

admin July 9, 2019

Welcome to my site dedicated to the series Encyclopedeia Magica. Here you’ll find the latest news, as well as hints, discoveries, videos and unexpected fun.

If you’re interested in my personal life as a writer, check out www.jerilynwinstead.com.

How Encyclopedeia Magica came to me

I’d heard of several authors (Stephanie Meyer, J.K. Rowling), who had their big idea come to them from a dream, meditative state, something like that. So one evening I asked Source to please give me an idea for a novel like that.

The next morning as I slowly awoke, I saw the first several sentences of EM in my mind. I knew immediately it was a unique idea, I felt the magic of it, and I had no idea where it would go from there. I only had the premise.

When I first started writing this novel, I hand-wrote it. It made a difference when first starting out – if I switched to my laptop, the story would develop in a different direction. So I stuck to hand-writing for the first part, discovering and living the story as I was writing it.

It was truly amazing – while writing, it was like I was transported there, into history and experiencing life along with Alpha. I was in another world, living her adventure.

Eventually I got into the rhythm of writing and tapping into my creative mind enough, that I can now write directly from my laptop and it goes well. If I get stuck, sometimes I try hand-writing again.

The story turned out differently than I expected. And it also changed a lot through its many various revisions. The draft my beta readers read is almost completely different from the final story.

Encyclopedeia Magica Continues

Through the last period of time of working on the first novel – Alchemy – I never got tired of it or of its magic. While nearing the finishing of the first book, I’ve already started receiving inspirations, ideas and directions for the second book of the series, on Astrology. I’ve also begun research for that book, and am enjoying learning many things. For instance, Astrology was traditionally used more as a personality type study, like today’s Meyer’s-Briggs and systems like that. The use of Astrology for divination was a small, side part which the populace clamored for. That wasn’t its original or primary function.

Join me on this journey

This site is to keep you informed on Encyclopedeia Magica and to help you on that most unexpected adventure. Will you answer the hero’s call? If so, you may need some hints and extra help (or just some extra fun) – you’ll find it here.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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